Monitor any website easily

Monitoring is now easy and can be integrated to any news website developed on WordPress.

Easy To Use

Add monitoring tool to allow your users monitor by simply adding keywords which will generate exportable statistics.

Daily Reports

You will receive your monitoring report on the mentioned email on a daily basis.

Real Time Monitoring

You and your users can also receive real time monitoring as you choose this option.

Why You Need Monitoring

Monitoring helps understand how media reacts to news and come up with sufficient feedback to your.

Who Needs Monitoring

Anybody who has any kind of public information needs monitoring be it a business, political party, celebrity or public figure.

Why Choose us ?

The developed monitoring tool is easy to use, generates statistics automatically and can be applied to any website.


Simply add keywords and the system will generate the statistics and monitoring.


Monitoring is handled automatically and can be viewed instantly, though some reports will be in your mailbox a bit late.

Overall 1000 client are using, Get Started

WP Content Monitoring
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  • Enhanced Security
  • Source Files
  • Unlimited keys
  • Unlimited analyse
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